Straight Razor Shaving Brush Gift Set

Safety Razor Shaving Set

Starting your day right will keep you energized and happy all day long.

Giving yourself a treat before heading off to work can be time consuming but worth it.

Don’t you love to look good every single day?

Then keep reading about my post on how I discovered this amazing Safety Razor Shaving Set and how it helped changed my husband’s life.

Straight Razor Shaving Brush Gift Set

Amazing Shaving offers a wide variety of safety razor sets with good quality brands.

Give yourself time to research and know more about each product to properly make the right decision.

I’ve been a great supporter of this website since my first purchase from them. My transaction was smooth from the order to the delivery of the package.

The website really proved itself through its finest selection of great products.

When my husband used their product, he was indeed happy with the results.

Where to Buy the Product?

Be safe and secure by buying this product only on this website.

They have the most affordable and original products plus a good shaving set.

I first encountered their website when I was doing research online.

They offer a lot of perks and discounts that you cannot get in other stores.

The Benefits

  • Nothing can beat these Amazing Shaving original safety razors
  • This Nickel Plated Razor ranks among the very finest of razors.
  • A quality razor you can count on as long as you have it.
  • Dovo Solingen has created this highly regarded new cream.
  • These velvety creams have a very pleasant aroma and a refreshing essence.

Keep this in Mind

Amazing Shaving carries popular product lines:

  • Country Uncle – our own brand of shave products at affordable prices.
  • Giesen & Forsthoff – known for high quality blades for generations.
  • Colonel Conk – world famous supplies since late 1800’s.
  • Hans Baier – the ultimate in luxury sets.
  • Merkur – Merkur vision razors are popular for their durability and precision shaving.
  • Dovo – Steelware was founded in 1906.

Whichever brand you choose, your satisfaction is our goal!

Amazing Shaving stocks its own inventory as needed for expeditious service.

Under normal circumstances we are able to ship orders within one business day.

More Things to Know

The history of Amazing Shaving started when Vegas Internet got its start in 1989 as a newsstand located in Austin, Texas.

Newsstands used to be found in the downtown district of every major city and they stocked a variety of essential items.

Over the years we have evolved into a group of Internet stores that now carry more than 16 product lines from men’s shaving products to walking sticks, paperweights & more.

How to Shave Right

The beginner starts first with the smooth and unproblematic areas of the face. To do this, the opened razor is held with thumb and three fingers so the opened holder points away from the face.

Lathered with good shaving soap and thus made supple, the skin must be tightened; the razor is moved at an angle of approx. 30° first in the direction of the growth of the beard and then against the direction of growth.

If held too flat, the razor rips the stubble; if held too upright, it cuts the skin. Always move it in the direction of the cutting edge and never horizontally (danger of injury); always draw it through evenly and hold it a little more upright at corners, dimples and at the upper lip.

If the razor gets damaged by being dropped or when put into its holder, it should not be used further.

Stropping does not help here; the razor must be re-sharpened and whetted by a specialist.

Facts about Shaving Gift Sets

The straight razor must be properly looked after in order to ensure the maintenance and long life of this traditional men’s accessory.

While straight razors made of stainless steel are less demanding, other razors have to be rinsed with clear water and thoroughly dried after each use.

When not in use for longer periods, it is recommended that the razor be rubbed with light oil.

Likewise, the razor should not be stored in a damp and unaired state.

What Made Me Choose this Shaving Set

My husband’s experience with other shaving product from Amazing Shaving products really amazed me as his supportive wife.

I wanted to treat him more when I decided to surprised him with a shaving set.

It is a complete package he can use during his out of town travels so he can still look remarkable even if he is not home.

A Perfect Gift for Him

The Country Uncle 5 Piece Shave Set is a perfect gift shaving set for my husband.

It comes with a beautiful French designed shaving set that comes with a matching Mach 3 razor, full volume silver tip badger brush, Country Uncle Shave stand, Country Uncle Chrome shave dish.

Plus your choice of Country Uncle soap, all inside a specially designed box.

Want to Have One of These

What are you waiting for?

These wonderful products can be a perfect gift for your father, husband, son, or even a great product to use for your barbershop business.

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