Read My Shocking Merkur Vision 2000 Razor Review

Merkur Vision 2000 Razor

The Merkur Vision is a one of a kind safety razor.

It is an adjustable safety razor with a butterfly opening.

It is a crowning achievement in engineering which allows full adjustability so the blade angle can cater to the unique contours of your face.

The revolutionary blade allows for a boldly close and comfortable shave.

It is a heavy safety razor with a long handle which allows for a comfortable grip.

Merkur Vision 2000 Razor Review

An instant classic, the Merkur Vision 2000 Razor was well worth the years of research behind its unique design.

Featuring Merkur’s unique adjustable head, the razor allows you to choose the optimum angle for the blade inside the razor head – enabling you to achieve the elusive perfect shave.

Heavy duty 3 3/4″ handle gives this razor a serious heft, appropriate for such an exquisite tool.

Features an easy twist-to-open blade replacement mechanism that updates a classic old style.

This razor includes a package of 10 Platinum Stainless double-sided razor blades and an elegant hard plastic protective case.

The Evolution of Grooming

Nowadays, personal grooming for men becomes ever more encompassing and adaptable.

This all started with the art of shaving.

Always, a thorough shave was a sign of sophistication.

A good wet shave is the most visible evidence for a well-groomed appearance.

For more than 100 years men relied on a safety razor with a double-edge blade.

Thereby Merkur’s vision relies on their traditional models.

Take Note About These Things

Before the day’s duties call and things become hectic, it’s up to you to prepare.

Treat yourself and your body to a little calm and caring.

Make your daily shave a relaxing small event and not a burdensome task.

After all, a thorough wet shave in the morning enables you to start off the day refreshed and well-groomed, take confidence in an orderly appearance and still feel well-shaved in the evening.

Will It Suit Me

Merkur offers the right model and appropriate accessories for every (beard) type, thus ensuring the best conditions for an effective wet shave.

Regardless of whether you prefer a thorough clean shave or want to give your beard the right contours, when you purchase Merkur products you acquire a piece of the highest shaving culture for a cultivated start to the day.

Just give it a try and you will really see the difference.

More Things to Know

  • Adjustable Head allows for the closest shave
  • Head screws on and off to change blade
  • Gives the closest most comfortable shave
  • Made of stainless steel with a chrome finish
  • Comes with 10 razor blades

All About the Brand

The Company and Merkur brand name were taken over by Dovo in 1996.

Solingen is a subsidiary of the Dovo of Solingen company manufacturing Merkur shaving equipment for the Dovo range.

Merkur 34c shaving accessories are manufactured and distributed to meet worldwide demand.

Solingen offers high-quality brushes in the appropriate Merkur design with specially selected badger hair trimming.

Get to Know These Products

Merkur shaving equipment includes such items as:
• Safety shaving razors
• Razor blades
• Shaving sets
• Shaving accessories
• Chrome shaving bowl

Merkur Vision Review

The company and product has sustained a very good standard when it comes to proper grooming.

When I decided to purchase this product as a gift for my husband, I did my thorough research.

I am the meticulous kind of wife that’s why I made sure everything I bought is perfect for my family.

When my husband started using it he was completely satisfied with the results.

He looks like such a gentleman with his fresh, clean appearance. With that, I’m a very happy customer and a wife.

How They Help People

The philosophy behind Dovo and Merkur is that of ‘Quality’.

The name “Solingen” is synonymous with quality German craftmanship and the hot-forge manufacturing process used.

Solingen also relates to the region of manufacture hence the terms Dovo of Solingen, and Merkur of Solingen.

Solingen specialises in Safety Shaving Razors, including the new Merkur Vision 2000 available in our Merkur safety shaving razor section.

This razor uses the “butterfly” design allowing the razor to be opened and the Super Platinum blade to be safely inserted.

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