Dovo Straight Razor Set Reviews

I first learned about this product when my husband would come home from his favorite barbershop feeling confident after his hair and beard were done.

He told me they use a very unique razor called a Dovo Straight Razor.

He really asked about it because he wanted to have the same one but due to his busy schedule, he has no time to research and buy this kind of stuff.

Dovo Straight Razor Set Reviews

What to know about Dovo Straight Razor
Dovo Straight Razor

As a tender wife, I took the initiative to do all the research.

I never knew I could do such things because I knew nothing about this shaving kit at first.

The reason why I was doing this is because I feel awful whenever I see my husband’s face getting sliced after shaving his facial hair.

I read everything I could find I was amazed at how this product was made into a safe and useful tool for many men out there.

Why Use This Razor?

Whether you have a heavy beard or just a slight shadow, a straight razor is going to get the job done for you.

Also known as an open razor, these shaving tools have been around for more than a hundred years and had recently come back into favor.

The super sharp blades last for generations, with the proper care and some antique straight razors have even become collectibles.

With handle styles and materials ever changing with the times from plastic, wood, bone and ivory, you will always get an amazing shave.

History of Dovo

Dovo has been producing one of the best straight razors in Solingen, Germany since the year 1906.

They are creating perfect blades for those men who constantly want to look clean.
Using their product does not require much maintenance since it is made in a high quality materials.

Its blades have a Solingen stamp which is used to mark the superior razors in Germany.

It’s made from Swedish carbon steel and it’s usually ready to use immediately once you take it out on the box since it’s honed.

These remarkable razors are created uniquely in the quest for bold modern razors.

Anatomy of Straight Razor

  • Point

The left end of the blade.

  • Blade, with a Back

The part of the blade opposite the cutting edge (Spine), and a Schneide/Cutting edge

  • Tang

The complete non-cutting metal part fixed to the blade, serving as a grip for the index, middle, ring, and little finger.

  • Jimps

Ridges/notches along the tang present on some razors as a gripping aid. If present this is usually on the underside, but can occur on both top and bottom of the tang

  • Double stabilizing piece

Two close parallel vertical rims situated where the tang continues to the cutting part on the knife. Sometimes there is only one stabilizing piece. It is also referred to as ‘shoulder’.

  • Decorated tang

Some sort of art where the blade stops and the tang begins.

  • Handle

The part of the razor that contains the blade when closed. Sometimes it has text engraved on the handle.

  • Center plug

The middle plug on the handle

  • Gold etching

The mark or text on the blade.

  • Trade mark

The mark/text graved on the tang.

  • The Ridge

Parallel to the back and the edge, running from point to the stabilizing piece, is a thickening of the blade, the purpose of which is to stabilize against torsion in the horizontal plane, and to give the edge elasticity.

The stabilizing piece gives the blade torsion resistance in the vertical plane.

If the ridge is close to the edge, it is called ¼ hollow ground, the lowest grade of hollow ground; if it is close to the back, it is called 1/1 or full hollow ground; ½ and ¾ are in-between.

What You Should Know About Steels

Carbon steel and stainless steel differ from each other basing on the hardness of their steel.

It is more difficult to achieve an edge on stainless steel.

However, when you do, it lasts for a longer time.

Conversely, it is easier to achieve an edge on carbon steel; but the edge dulls more quickly than stainless steel.

Thus, it requires more frequent maintenance.

Get this Basic Information

Rusting should not be an issue when you do proper care.

It is important to carefully wipe the blade after use and let it dry before putting it to its storage box.

I recommend you do daily treatment with a light coating of oil.

My husband bought his razor oil online at a very affordable price.

You can also use this oil on any stainless steel object in your house which makes it a perfect buy for any shaving set.

Be Extra Careful

I made this Dovo Straight Razor Review to let the first time users know the good and bad side of this product.

I wanted to tell all good men and those wives who share the same feelings as mine, you need to be extra, I mean EXTRA careful when using this kind of razor especially if you have small children in your house.

These straight razors are very sharp and if your children have access to its storage, it may pose a danger to them.

So, as a parent, it is our responsibility to take good care of our stuff especially sharp objects.

Where to Find it on Sale

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