Proper grooming is essential in the business industry.

The way you handle and carry yourself has a big impact on how people interact with you and that’s why my husband purchased the Merkur 34C.

My husband is a top Sales Executive at a bank so he needs to look extra neat all the time.

He always made sure he looked his best and as a wife, I make sure all his clothing, apparel and grooming kit are well organized.

Read These Merkur 34C HD Reviews Before You Buy

One day, as my husband was doing his morning ritual in our bathroom, I noticed he always sliced his face using an ordinary razor that he keeps on buying because it’s really affordable.

He told me it’s okay with him because it’s just normal to get sliced especially when he’s in a rush.

I got worried when I saw his face really red and he told me it’s because of the razor, maybe he’s got a facial allergy.

As a caring wife, I wanted to give him something special that would reduce the rashes on his face. A good Shaving Kit is what kept running through my mind that same day.

I go through different shaving websites to look for the amazing shaving set that will perfectly suit my husband’s needs and preference. Then I found 3 brands along with my research.

My Top 3 Picks

Lexington Collection with Black Silvertip Brush

This hand crafted luxury will let you experience a new angle on shaving with our most technologically advanced manual razor. Its features include:

  • Razor with Flexball that helps enable 23% closer contact to skin for a smoother shaving experience (as compared to the ProGlide razor handle without Flexball)
  • Comes with a Gillette, Fusion, ProGlide Manual Blade; fits all Fusion Cartridges
  • Razor and Stand finished in satin black, with chrome plated accents
  • Stand base is rubberized to assist stability and help minimize movement

Nickel Shaving Set

This sophisticated and stylish shaving set is timeless in design and purpose.

The elegant nickel-plated set is hand-assembled and finished to the highest quality in Sheffield and comprises a classic shaving brush made from ethically sourced badger hair, and a streamlined razor with a Gillette Mach 3 blade.

Merkur 34C2015-07-08_1038

The Merkur 34C 5-Piece Set comes with everything you need to get a close shave.

Included in this set is a stainless steel shaving stand to hold your Country Uncle Deluxe Pure Badger brush and Merkur 34 C Safety Razor, an Omega shave cream, and a pack of ten Merkur Double Edged Stainless Razor Blades.

Included Products:

  • Shaving Stand – Chrome Safety Razor Stand
  • Country Uncle Shaving Brush – Deluxe Pure Badger – Black
  • Merkur 34C Chrome Plated Safety Razor
  • Omega Eucalyptus Shaving Soap in Bowl – 5.2 oz
  • Merkur Double Edged Stainless Razor Blades -10 Blades

The Right Decision 

Merkur 34 really caught my attention that made me buy the product right away.

I was very excited when the package finally arrived at our home.

The transaction was hassle free and the website administrator was very accommodating to all my questions.

When I opened the package, it was elegantly wrapped in a nice box which is a perfect gift for my husband even without an occasion.

Product Description

The Merkur 34c HD razor is a high quality shaving tool built to last a lifetime.

This heavy weight razor is well balanced and has a feeling of pure quality in hand.

The 34c features a striking non slip handle plus an adjustable twist and release mechanism to easily insert your favorite blades.

  • High quality
  •  Comes with a Merkur Platinum DE blade
  • Made in Solingen Germany (Famous for quality metal craft products)
  •  Chrome finish
  •  For beginners and the more experienced shavers

My Own Merkur 34C Point of View

I am making this Merkur 34C review to express my awe in this product. When my husband saw his present, he was really surprised and happy because he finally use a very good stainless material for his facial hairs.

The great thing about this product is the price is fair plus it comes with a very good quality of material. Stainless steel is well known for its great quality because of its non-tarnish property.

The next day, he immediately tried the product and he couldn’t thank me enough for  saving his face from all the slices brought by his previous razor.

He also mentioned about Merkur 34C hd he had seen online. He asked me to research it and try ordering it because he wanted to give it to one of his good friends from his work. He also showed interest in the dovo straight razor.

He was completely satisfied with the product and he wanted his friends to experience the same thing.

How It Boost Confidence

I was happy I choose this product to give my husband. After just one time using it, he can feel how smooth and fresh his face looks.

It is also well presented to suit his professional personality.

I realized a good product must not only have good quality but also provide what every customer needs and this Merkur shaving set does everything for husband needs.

As you begin to use this product, you will learn more about this it.

All the different material used, its benefits and how it will help change your outer appearance for the better.

His Personality

My husband is a perfectionist kind of person and I’m the most understanding one. I know everything about him and accepted all his imperfections in a positive way.

Some people will hesitate to talk to him at first but when they get to know him, they will see the good side in him.

We’ve been together for 15 long beautiful years and been blessed with two lovely daughters.

Our life is simple and well provided as my husband’s income can suffice everything we need.

I do everything in the house and what I love most is when I take good care of my family.

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